Saturday, March 26, 2011

Debian ftpmaster Meeting — Almost over

So since the last progress report I also got round to take a look at the following issues:
  • Ben Hutchings reported that older Lenny CDs do not actually install anymore. As we are still telling people that they don't need to throw away old CDs this was a tad disappointing to me. Got myself a 5.0.0 disc through jigdo and cdimage's fine snapshot service for packages that aren't actually in (old)stable anymore. Using a network mirror during installation is apparently the default (although you can decline it). Doing so will try to go to the security mirror and try to upgrade the base installation it just expanded from the debs on the CD. As the archive signing key changed recently, this leads to apt moaning about untrusted packages, which isn't actually exported to the debian-installer UI. The installation just hangs in "Select and install software" with a prompt being displayed on tty4. Mark Hymers agreed that it makes sense to switch the Release signature for lenny-security back to the old key for the time being and called for objections on debian-devel. Doing so should fix installation for oldstable users with old CDs again. In the future d-i should upgrade debian-archive-keyring first before the security archive's contacted and I've filed a bug report about that (#619751).
  • Closed some old crufty bug reports on the pseudo package that were either already solved or easy to solve. (#607619, #602841, #586882, #520479, #507153, #605285)
  • Scripted the generation of keys to get the initial batch of them done. 27 machine keys have been generated so far, with the exception of some machines that are currently down or lack entropy (like the kfreebsd-* ones which aren't fed by the keys). The keys are already activated on the archive side. s390, half of powerpc and some amd64 already run with autosigning turned on. armel will follow tomorrow thanks to Riku Voipio. We'll get more coverage soon, I bet.
  • Fixed up retry as an answer to the build log. There are two possible actions that a buildd admin can do when he received a log: retry and give-back. The former will cause a build retry on the same buildd it was tried before. The latter will give it back to wanna-build to reschedule it. Due to the way retry is implemented you cannot retry binNMUs, though. There's #524547 filed against buildd about that. (There's still no support to schedule a build on a specific set of buildds neither.)
  • Fixed up a typo in the wanna-build trigger for the main archive that caused double builds when we manual re-run it instead of being pushed by the archive.
  • Thought about how to use Packages-arch-specific properly from WB::QD (our Perl-ish quinn-diff replacement). Currently the handling of annotations like "!linux-any" is broken because the logic does not account for architecture wildcards (besides of "any" which is special™). Luckily there's some sort of test suite, which I already adapted locally, but the code isn't really the best to read at the moment. So that's still on my to-do list to solve #603762.
  • There's a post on arch:all autobuilding not happening just yet pending in the queue. I hope to get it out tomorrow or the day after.
It was a productive hacking event for me, that for sure. But now it's almost over and they're actually stealing us an hour tonight. I would've liked to go home with less items on my to-do list, though (i.e. it just grew, it didn't shrink).

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