Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Useful Firefox extensions (followup)

Since my last post about Firefox extensions I've enabled two other addons:

Through the comments I got pointed to Fox to Phone which enables you to send links from your browser directly to your Android phone with Chrome to Phone installed. Thanks for that.

Another useful extension that was recommended to me is LeechBlock. You give it a list of news sites you regularly frequent and it will make sure that you only spend a given time budget on them per day or that you only browse them in the evenings (or even a combination of both).

As I expected I did deactivate RequestPolicy again. That said, Facebook recently switched its certificates, so Certificate Patrol was unhappy. It's impressive and sad how many pages actually do cross-site requests to embed Facebook's buttons. If somebody would invent something less annoying to stop this mess, that would be great.


  1. Try the "antisocial" filter set for Adblock Plus, which blocks Facebook "Like" buttons, Google "+1" buttons, and so on.

  2. Try using Priv3: Practical Third-Party Privacy -

    Blocks the Facebook/Google tracking but still let's you use the +1 and Like buttons on sites.