Friday, June 22, 2012

The upcoming DebConf 12

Update 2: Richard and especially Moray debunked my statistics and given that they're actually on the DebConf team, they simply know it better what to look at and which numbers cannot be trusted. So look over to Moray's post for some numbers about DC11 and DC12.  

Oops. At least the average count of days per person seems slightly higher. (But then the stats may likely be off, given that any part of the day counts as full.)
This year's DebConf will have remote participation through video streams and IRC chat, as usual. But they will be late at night for Europeans. Despite those hurdles, let's make this conference a success! The same procedure as every year. ;-)

Update: I don't have any privileged access to Pentabarf and hence I was just working on the exported data at the link above. When perusing the "Statistics for ONLY people who have both dates in Penta" I get this:
That's because this year seems to have a much higher percentage of people filling out both fields (~58% for DC10/DC11 and 85% for DC12). I'm still unsure if Penta was set to filter out those who did not reconfirm. But after all the others would not be very meaningful for room planning.


  1. While your general point may be valid, your statistics on previous attendee counts look rather wrong. (Perhaps you've taken the number of people who got as far as registering, rather than number who actually attended?)

    1. I don't have privileged access to penta, so I was working with the data (rooms-by-date-2.txt) on the linked site, which has old-dc* directories.

      Indeed the difference between "Statistics for all people" and "Statistics for ONLY people who have both dates in Penta" is pretty heavy and pretty different for dc12 (58% for dc10+dc11, 85% for dc12).

      I assumed that the former was already limited to reconfirmed attendances.

  2. If you want the raw data, you should be looking at

    DC10 "arrived": 306
    DC11 "arrived": 336

    "Arrived" is the count of people who turned up for DebConf and registered at the conference front desk.

    So showing attendee counts of 500+ is misleading, unless you include Debian Day attendees -- of which there will also be many this year at DC12.

    1. That looks pretty similar to the third graph I put there. But of course there's nothing arrival-ish for dc12 yet. The reconfirmations are at 181, though.

      We'll see, I guess. ;-)

  3. Oh, and the official numbers DC10/DC numbers should be in the relevant final reports on

    A couple more comparative numbers, from older final reports:

    DC8: 223
    DC9: 246

    So while it's certainly challenging to raise sponsorship for DebConf in the current economic climate, and hard for people to find their own money for flights, your graph is rather misleading about the size of the fall in the number of expected attendees.

  4. There is also: