Saturday, September 19, 2015

Working with z/VM DIRMAINT as a mere user

Two helpful CMS commands to know if the users on the z/VM host you connect to are managed using DIRMAINT:

  • DIRMAINT PW: This will ask you for your current password and then for the new one. This way you can change your own user password instead of having to ask the administrator for it.
  • DIRMAINT REVIEW: If you want to see the directory entry for your user (i.e. the configuration of your VM), you can issue this command. It will put the directory onto the card stack, from which you can retrieve it onto your A disk using RETRIEVE <number> <USERNAME> DIRECT A. The number is listed after RDR FILE in CP's output.
REVIEW is something I always expire from my mind after a few weeks of not using a mainframe. And then I do not usually find it quickly, even knowing where to look. (For some reason GET won't work unless you are a privileged user of the system.)

I guess by now most of the systems use DIRMAINT, but it's an IBM product that requires a separate license in addition to z/VM. Hence on some systems the user directory is still maintained by hand. In this case the password is written verbatim into the file and the administrator needs to change it manually for you.